Each year VOICES works to improve services and surpass its goals for both numbers of youth served and impact on individual young people. Recent results include:

  • 100% of emancipating foster youth participants have achieved at least two-thirds of the goals identified in their LIFE Plans.
  • 85% of youth participants reported or demonstrated a positive change in health status, habits or knowledge and healthy living skills.
  • 83% of youth participating in employment programs have gained work experience.
  • 78% of youth participating in education services have received a high school diploma or GED, or have enrolled in post-secondary education.

VOICES’ unprecedented success in helping transition-age youth to overcome adversity has been recognized locally and nationally by leaders seeking effective strategies for addressing these youth’s many needs. Over the last year, leaders from 18 different California counties have visited a VOICES’ program site to see for themselves VOICES’ youth engagement model works and impacts young people.

As word spreads of the successful outcomes reached by VOICES, and the unique and interesting model VOICES utilizes, more and more counties across California are asking that this model be brought to their community to support and empower tens of thousands of foster youth across the state. VOICES has worked to identify the necessary criteria that must be met in order for the VOICES Model of Youth Engagement to be successful within a given community. This criterion includes a significant level of agency buy-in from all levels of leadership; a commitment to honoring the voice of the youth, not only during the design process, but in the administration process as well; and a commitment to opening and administering a youth-run TAY service center. The identification of these criteria is an essential element for success and VOICES is uniquely qualified to assess the capacity of a community to meet these criteria. To inquire about opening a VOICES in your community please contact us HERE.